Top 5 Spring Break Travel Destinations 2012 - 2013

By March, having months of very cold weather, exams and classes, most of the college students have one thing common in their minds – Spring Break. Spring is always a special time to travel and there are exclusive spring travel destinations that can make your stay all the more pleasant. It is always advisable to make arrangements in advance to avoid the spring rush. There are many travel websites that can be of assistance in this process. But do not complicate the process by choosing the wrong travel arranger. During spring breaks, college students can visit a great number of destinations. A break away from the daily routine can definitely act as a stress-buster. There are lots of contenders for the top five spring break travel destinations 2012.

Top Spring Break Travel Destination #1

Panama City

Very few can make it to the top and among them the top most is Panama City Beach, Florida. This is the most popular destination and is an inexpensive travel destination. There is no doubt that Panama City has emerged the top destination for spring because of its friendly atmosphere. City of skyscrapers one cannot miss the Canal it is an engineering marvel. The old city of Casca Viejo is worth a walking tour. If you want to catch the Panamanian traditional folklore try the Las Tinajas show. Beaches are a delight and some of the famous ones are Starfish Beach, Zapatillas Cay and Red Frog Beach. The stretch of 27 miles of beach gives room for everyone.

Beach travel destinations in Panama may be a delight but it is not without its risks. Thefts are common and hence it is best to travel light and in groups. Stay in a safe hotel that is accessible by road. Though some places are safe even for night walks it is best to be cautious at all times

Top Spring Break Travel Destination #2


Another beach destination that would be apt for your spring travel is the Cancun Mexico. This particular destination has long held it’s reputation as the most preferred Spring Break Destination in North America. The white beaches looks like number 7 and the clear water and white sands add glamour to the beach especially during the nights. Cancun is well equipped with high tech infrastructure and has all the modern comforts. Cancun is a blend of Caribbean and Mexican culture. Tourism industry is highly developed in Cancun and travelers can take maximum advantage of this fact.

If you are a lover of golf then do not forget to visit the Cancun Golf Club at Pok-ta-Pok. This golf course dates back to the year 1976 and is set on the waters. The club is open to public that makes it all the more convenient for tourists. This club conducts PGA sanction events and this makes it popular.

Top Spring Break Travel Destination #3


The most popular destination for Europeans the Ibiza is an exotic island located in the Mediterranean Sea. Night life is active here. People make merry here as the clubs hold huge capacity and is house to some of the most famous DJs. Though the terrain is not friendly as it is infested with rocks and little rainfall the place has its own attractions like the boat charter, diving in clear waters, water sports, adventure sports like tennis, golf, riding, biking karts and more, mountain bike tours, heritage churches, caves, countryside and coastline.

If you are a loner and want to wander in solitude take a coastal walk along the beaches. The place is quiet and there are many small resorts and coves for the family holidays. The island is rich in sea life and thousands of people throng the S’llla Blanca also known as the White Island.

Top Spring Break Travel Destination #4


Explore the world of Bahamas. It is the conglomeration of small and big islands in the West Indies. If you are a marine life lover try the beaches, some of the activities range from sun bathing, diving, dolphin watching, snorkeling and sailing. More places of interest include a trip to the museum, historical location like fort Charlotte, botanical gardens and safari tours. Lucayan National Park is a family outing destination. Picnic at the Gold Beach and travelling along the mangrove are pleasurable.

If luxury resorts does not appeal to you try the Cruise vacation. The weather is warm makes cruising all the more alluring. The price varies depending on the package you choose. Some of packages include adventure packages. Luxury package, value added packages, honeymoon package. Round the year cruise packages are available.

Top Spring Break Travel Destination #5

South Padre Island

Spring break destinations could be many but do not attempt to leave out South Padre Island. If you are a party animal, then this is the place to try. Every year, this island welcomes mostly families to its stunning beaches. But when Spring-break hits, SPI’s beaches and hotels are invaded by students. This Island is surrounded by parks, museum, beach activities and dine outs. The island is undeveloped and stretches around the Texas Gulf Coast. There are lot of uninhabited islands that are infested with warm waters and sandy beaches. The sand dunes is a perfect getaway for family outings. Fishing is a major entertainment; deep sea fishing and bay fishing are some to watch out for. Night entertainment is for all ages. Bungee jumping, sports bar and Mariachi bands are must enjoy entertainment.

Try the Andy Bowie County Park, Dolphin docks, Fisherman’s Wharf, golf club, equestrian center, spas, beach water park and more.

Spring breaks are the time to enjoy with the family and best holiday destinations are listed. Check out the top spring break travel destinations but choose wisely. If you have children do not forget to add theme parks and beach destinations. With advanced planning and research you can make your spring breaks more enjoyable. Make sure you pack everything including clothes, mobile charges among others while on travel, excess baggage needs to be avoided.

Accommodation and transportation has to be arranged well in advance. Group flights, taxi reservation and hotels need to be in place. Your travel agent needs to attend to this. Check out for promotional coupons for cheap flights and accommodation. Most hotels offer continental breakfast complimentary take advantage. Make your trip a success by following safety tips.

Guest Post By: Connie Tompkins | A Travel Resource



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