10 Irresistible Group Travel Destination in Europe to Enjoy Spring and Nature At

When it comes to talk about the most popular destinations to visit in world, the Europe is a tempting one. Most of the cities of Europe can be explored easily as the inter-country fares are very cheap and you don’t have to travel long distances to enjoy the beauty of different towns and cities. If you haven’t seen Europe, you haven’t seen noting in world. You will not believe it but most of the people who live in U.S prefer visiting Europe as compared to any other place in the world. Europe is too cold in winters and too hot in summers so the spring time is the best time. Why not enjoy your spring break with the awesome beauty of islands and clubs of the crazy Europe? Definitely you will love to enjoy that.

Save the Air-Fares for Europe:

One of the main reasons why Americans prefer visiting Europe is the air-fare of the flights. With a little bit of intelligence, you can save hundreds of dollars just by managing the flights and tickets. There are many flights and ways through which you can get cheap air-fares from America to Europe. First of all try to get flights from the five biggest airports Europe and then you can travel anywhere inside Europe easily. The fares inside the Europe whether there are air-fares or train-fares, they are very inexpensive. So you can get to your desired destiny by saving a lot of money.

Popular Spring Destinations in Europe:

You can enjoy the magnificent beauty of Europe once you hop-in the country. The top 10 spring break destinations in Europe are discussed below with their description as well. You can select anyone from them and make your spring vacations memorable:

1. Greece-Wonderful place to Hop-in:

You must think about visiting Greece once in a while. The beauty of Athens and the wonders of its buildings are very tempting. You will love to go there with your family or just as a couple. In summers however this country faces very hot temperature and it is also polluted as well. The best time to enjoy the glory of the cities of Greece is in spring season. You can visit following popular places in the Greece: Acropolis, Athens, Plaka, district Mykonos Crete. Stunning landscapes and awesome architecture of the cities of the Greece is undeniable and you can enjoy the world’s most favorite local wines here.

2. Paris-The Heart of France:

If you are interested in enjoying the wonderful lights and beauty of night, then no doubt the Paris is a city where you will get your desires fulfilled. It is one of the most beloved and romantic place among the top 10 spring break destinations in Europe for the new couples. The museums, buildings, architecture and culture of the France are very tempting and you cannot resist its beauty. You will love to visit the following places when you are in France:Madame Tussaud MuseumMoulin RougeEiffel towerVersailles Palace
Take your time to rest in the lightning beauty of France and unique culture that is centuries old.

3. Rome-Ancient City of Italy:

For more than three thousand years, the city of Rome has been loved by the people and the history lovers from all over the world. You can select this option to enjoy your spring vacations and visit the following places here:St Peter’s ChurchMichelangelo’s Creation of AdamColiseum

4. Bansko-Skiing lovers place:

If you plan to visit Bulgaria, then how is it possible that you forget visiting the city of Bansko? This is the most popular place of the world which is beloved for skiing among the top 10 spring break destinations in Europe. The new records are made by the skiing lovers in this place and the most recent record of best snow is also made by one of the skier of the Bansko. This place has the world’s most famous ski center and tourism resort. You will love to visit these resorts and snow centers when you are in the snow city of Bansko.

5. Montenegro-Love of Europe:

If you are newly married or want to spend some quality time with your beloved then the best option for you is Montenegro. Even in winters, this place is densely populated with the tourists all around the America and from whole world also. You will love to have a Log House Tata in this place than anything else in the world.

6. Lisbon-Warm waters of Europe:

If you want to enjoy your spring with the beaches and the warm waters, then definitely the Lisbon is the place for you. You can get the cheapest flight from the Americas capital to the city of Lisbon and get the warmth of the spring and the beauty. It is not a beach city but very close to the sea and beach resorts. This city has the glory of having the largest casino of Europe along with the most reasonable prices and best services. You must visit the following places when you are here:Sintra Obidos.

7. City of Venice:

Winters in the city of Venice are very disappointing but the summer and spring season show their magnificent beauty to full extent. The canals of the city and the boats in place of the vehicles enhance the experience of enjoying the spring break when you are in Venice. You will love to visit the following islands when you are in Venice city:Burano, Murano, and Torcello.

8. Madeira-City of Islands:

You will never forget the experience of visiting the boats, yachts and beaches of the islands of the Madeira. The rates are so much affordable that you cannot compare them to anywhere else in the world. This place is known as a paradise in the heart of Europe and one of best top 10 spring break destinations in Europe. Thousands of years old traditions and culture add the glory to the beauty of this place.

9. Historical city of Prizren:

Prizren is a historical city which is situated in the southern Europe and it is known for its traditional legacy and lifestyle of the people. The fortress and the other buildings of this place are lovely to visit. You can discover following history complexes in the city of Prizren:The historic Old Stone Bridge (Ura e gurit)Halveti Tekke religious complexChrist the Saviour’s ChurchAlbanian League MuseumMarash compound

10. Budapest-Crazy party place of Europe:

If you are one of the craziest party lovers who want to enjoy all night long, then why not enjoy the city of Budapest? This will be your favorite place after you just visit it once. The hot clubs and pubs in the city attract the youngsters and the party people from all over the America. The elegant and heart throbbing beauty of the Budapest cannot be denied.

So what are you waiting for? Make your spring vacations memorable by selecting one of the top 10 spring break destinations in Europe and save your money by cutting the air-fares.



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