10 Essential Group Travel Tips

Traveling can be a very fun experience and even more so if you can do it with your friends. In the same way that it is important for you to plan when traveling alone, it is equally important for you to plan if you are traveling in a group. Below are 10 group travel tips that will ensure your trip with your friends will be a memorable one.

1. Choose a leader to help finalize group decisions. It does help to have someone who can be trusted to make decisions on the group’s behalf; even though each person will get their chance to share their opinions. The leader can be chosen randomly, by mutual selection, age or even based on their travel experience.

2. The group leader should be able to assign responsibilities and roles to different members of the group. For instance, one member may be in charge of looking for, and booking affordable air tickets; another one may be in charge of planning on where they will say. It is important for the group leader to give each of the members a deadline for completing their assigned tasks. If a member, for whatever reason, is not able to complete the task, then the group leader may complete it on their behalf.

3. During the planning, it is helps to have a list of needs that are brought forward by each of the members. These needs or concerns are usually things that other group members may not think about. A member may be concerned about the timing of the trip, or even the kind of food they will be eating during the trip. The list will help ensure that everyone’s needs are taken care of.

4. Make use of other people’s planning guides. Have friends or colleagues who’ve gone on group trips before? Ask them for the planning guide they used to help pull trip together. You can make adjustments based on your traveling group’s needs.

5. Have the trip in the shortest time possible. Because you will be in a group, it is expected that tensions may run high. For the sake of everyone getting along, the trip should take the least amount of time possible. For those looking to extend the trip, they can make plans on the side.

6. Plan moments during the trip that will allow members to have some alone time. Members can choose to do their own thing during that time, like visit a bookstore, go to a spa or even just relax. This personal time can also give members time to cool off if there have been any tensions in the group.

7. Depending on how large the group is, it is always advisable to plan restaurant meals well in advance. Not all restaurants can cater for a large group without any notice in advance. The group will also be at an advantage if the restaurant happens to offer discounts for groups. If you do happen to have an unplanned meal, then it is easier for the group to break off into smaller groups and eat and different places. Group members can then meet up later.

8. If the members of your group are from different age brackets, avoid putting them together. The assumption that people the same age always have fun together is often mistaken. Allow different members of the group to have a chance to hang out with each other.

9. As the planning goes on, one of the group members can set up a blog from which they can easily track how the trip’s planning is going on. The site can also be used to inform them of any changes or developments.

10. In as much as the whole point of planning is to be able to follow a certain standard, being flexible allows the trip to be much more fun. Positive, unexpected changes during the trip, can be a lot more exciting as opposed to following a rigid timetable, and plan.

Following the 10 group travel tips above can reduce the hassle that is often associated with planning for a large group of people. By taking everyone’s opinion into account, tweaking the plan here and there to accommodate a person’s needs, and by involving everyone will certainly lead to an experience the members are unlikely to forget!

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