Group Travel Trends 2013: What is Abuzz in the World of Travel?

It used to be that frequent travelers consist of fresh graduates who want to see the world before they become immersed in the corporate world, and retirees who finally found time for themselves to relax and enjoy life. Nowadays, the travel bug seemed to have spread far and wide, affecting people of different sectors and age groups. The rising popularity of social media and the internet has somewhat contributed to this phenomenon. When you see a picture of your friend going places, the temptation just builds in you to go out and explore yourself. The different travel packages that you see advertised also provides you an idea of how easy and somehow affordable traveling has become.

To enjoy the world without burning a big hole in your pocket, it is best to travel with a group. It can be with your family, friends, or strangers who along with you have signed up for a group tour. There are plenty of places to visit and activities to do, but this year, the experts have made their predictions on what is more likely to happen for group travel trends 2013.

Where to Go?

London, Paris, and the Caribbean have been all-time favorites and they are likely to still be. However, travelers are also beginning to explore exotic places, like Croatia, Czech Republic, Turkey, and Libya. If you are an advocate of environmental preservation, you may try Uruguay, Lithuania, and Barbados.

Western citizens would love to experience a different culture and a trip to Asia is an ideal adventure. There are tours that include several destinations to give you a glimpse of everything to see in Asia, from Thailand to Indonesia, Cambodia, Taiwan, Singapore, or Philippines.

There is a good chance to witness the evasive Aurora Borealis this year so Canada, Norway, and Alaska will also expect an increase in visitors.

Who to Travel With?

Group travel trends 2013 will witness people from different sectors traveling together. Girlfriends are first on the list. Although single women have a higher chance to travel together, this does not mean that some lucky housewives cannot take some days off to treat themselves. Young professionals are next on the list. Long weekends and holidays are usually published at the start of the year to give employees a chance to plan ahead. This is a very good thing since booking in advance usually gives you better rates. There are also the sports enthusiasts who will not let go of a chance to see their favorite athletes live in action. If you happen to have trouble herding up a number of friends to go with you, there are also travel agencies that offer group tours so you can enjoy a foreign land with a group of people. This is a good chance for you to make new friends, who happen to be fellow travel enthusiasts.

What to Do?

Cruises are just so marvelous that they will stay on the group travel trends 2013. A rising interest on adventure is also seen, so expect travelers to head on to New Zealand for it offers a variety of activities from beach to mountains to jungles.

Those coming from cold regions will always to love to go where the sun shines most. Tropical paradises, like Barbados, Tahiti, Indonesia, and Palau will not fail to see their loyal visitors and can expect to welcome more.

Even if travelers are discovering new things to do, there will still be those who love to experience history by visiting castles, museums, and other popular landmarks. This makes Europe still a beloved place to visit.

Where to Stay?

People travel as a group particularly to have good company in their trips and also to save on money. Instead of staying in luxurious hotel rooms, group travel trends 2013 is more inclined to see a rise in apartment reservations. This type of accommodations are not only cheaper and comfortable, they also give the travelers a way to immerse with the locals for a more exciting experience. This will give tourists a chance to enjoy the neighborhood. Besides, there is no need to pay so much for a room that you hardly stay in if you intend to explore around. However, with the increasing popularity and reliance to high technology gadgets, most travelers would love to have access to Wifi, so lodging places need to be able to provide this.


Written by : Connie | Group Travel Experts

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Group Travel Trends 2013: What is Abuzz in the World of Travel?

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