Top 5 Wedding Travel Destinations

Many couples planning to tie the knot want to travel for their wedding or honeymoon. There are limitless choices, but these are the top 5 wedding travel destinations. Each place has many benefits for couples which is why it has become popular.

1. Mexico. Mexico has many advantages which is why so many couples choose this destination for their wedding. The beaches of Cancun are beautiful and known around the world. Couples can enjoy the beach or travel and enjoy the ancient Aztec monuments like the pyramids at Teotihuacan. Prices in Mexico are very reasonable, and there are many direct flights available from the states. Couples can enjoy all-inclusive vacations, spas, shopping, and a great nightlife. Mexico City is also a great place to spend a few days. The Mexican National Palace has massive murals of Diego Rivera, a famous Mexican painter. The Palace of Fine Arts is a beautiful building that features art and architecture from artists both from Mexico and around the world.

2. Jamaica. Both sandals and Royal Plantation Ultra are all inclusive resorts that feature wedding packages that are specifically designed for happy couples. Jamaica also has beautiful beaches and is one of the most couple-friendly places available. This is also a great spot for a more adventurous couple. Jamaia has waterfalls and mountains to explore, and this along with the reggae beat of the island make it a top wedding destination. While Jamaica can get a little crowded during the summer wedding months, a little-known spot here is Cousin’s Cover. This is a small inlet along the Hanover coastline and is unknown to most tourists. It is both beautiful and secluded, for a perfect afternoon.

3. The Dominican Republic. The boutique hotels and price-competitiveness of the islands are a great choice for a couple who wants to enjoy a secluded honeymoon away from the crowds. Santo Domingo is the capital and has a bustling nightlife. There are also many adventure activities to explore on the island. Like Mexico, the Dominican Republic is very reasonably priced and most couples can enjoy a luxurious vacation here without going outside of their budget. Any trip to the Dominican Repubic would be incomplete without enjoying their music. Spend an evening at an outdoor cafe enjoying the merengue band, a music that is native to the island.

4. Eastern Carribean Cruise. While a cruise seems like more of a trip rather than a vacation, cruises that take place in the Bahamas and the Caribbean area are one of the top wedding destinations. The benefits of a cruise is that it is very easy to get comfortable with familiar amenities and surroundings. The food and the facilities on these cruises are 5-star and the up-front cost is usually very reasonable and includes almost everything. Cruises make stops every few days and couples can get off the boat and go on day trips, shopping, hiking, or enjoying other activities. If couples want to tie the knot on the ship, the captain can perform a marriage as well.

5. Las Vegas. Any list about the top wedding destinations would be incomplete without including this location. One of the benefits of Las Vegas is that couples can enjoy an easy and quick legal wedding process, making it a popular place to elope or have a hassle-free wedding. However, this city has a lot to offer. The shows are famed around the world and top performers like Celine Dion have huge and spectular shows most nights of the week. There are also great clubs to explore and the cuisine and accomodations are usually 5-star. The casino’s and gaming are something to explore and after that, couples can check out the shopping in Las Vegas. Staying here is an economical choice, making it a popular wedding destination.

These are the top 5 wedding destinations for couples. Each has something to offer depending on what the couple enjoys and prefers. One of the common themes of each of these places is that most have wedding packages that are reasonably priced. These places are great for a couple who are on a tight budget, or for any couple who wants to make their money go a little further. Choosing one of these spots is a worry-free and enjoyable wedding destination.

Written by Connie Tompkins | GTS

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