The Great Adventure That is a Safari!

For many people the adventure of a safari is an experience of a lifetime. Whether you are in the jungles of India photographing tigers or on a big game hunt in Central Africa, you are on a trip you will never forget. At Group Travel Specialists we have been designing safari’s for over twenty years, and our list of outfitter’s, guide’s, and resort’s is second to none. We are honored to be members of the Safari Club International, one of the most prestigious non-profit “guiding” organizations in the world. You can spend ten days in Alaska on a moose and caribou hunt. What about a twenty one day trip in Africa, where you can find every photographer or hunter’s dream list of natural wonders, amazing people, and of course the best variety of big game animals in the world.

The team at Group Travel Specialists has partnered with some of the top safari outfitters and adventure companies in the world to take advantage of this growing trend in travel. The list of safari adventures and the list of options for the safari keeps growing every year. A number of our guides and outfitter’s have some unique opportunities that were not available just six months ago. Do you see yourself on a team of park rangers out identifying, tagging, and even re-locating elephants or rhinoceroses? How about an airplane round up of caribou in the Alaskan tundra? These are just a couple of examples of the adventure that is waiting for you when you call Group Travel Specialists to book your safari today!

Professional is the Only Word

The very description of the word “professional” is best illustrated on a safari adventure to some wild and exotic location. The knowledge, skill, and courage that is required to be a professional hunter or guide is amazing. These individuals spend decades honing their “bush craft” to such a high degree. After spending thirty minutes in conversation with some of these professionals, I have never met a more humble, unassuming, and caring group of people. Each one with nerves of steel and a sense of humor to keep everyone at ease even in situations of life and death. All of the outfitter’s and guides that we work with, place the health and well being of their clients, the animals, the local population and the environment as top priority. These men and women are true conservationists and community activists in the very best way.Our partner’s dedicate hours of hard work and a multitude of resources for their neighbors and employees.You might want to spend some time helping an Inuit village prepare for polar bear’s wandering through town. Or how about joining your guide and his employee’s as they celebrate the installation of a solar powered, water purification system. When you team up with the professionals at Group Travel Specialists & A Travel Resource, the possibilities seem endless.




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