Top 5 Tropical Travel Destinations : Places to Enjoy Sun and Nature

The picture of tropical travel destination that comes out on one’s mind displays miles of sand, women in bikinis, warm sun and so on which make it more exciting for them who are planning for such trip in this season. Though there is several renowned tropical vacation destinations which have been explored since long like Bahamas, Jamaica etc. but everyone is in search of some new destinations to enjoy in some different environment. So let us know something about some emerging tropical travel destinations that are coming up on the world tourism map as tropical paradises on the earth. The tropical travel destinations that are being discussed in this article offer a genuine blissful warm weather with out of this world sceneries alongwith a number of adventurous water sports which can be a lifetime experience for you.

Top 5 tropical travel destinations

Los Cabos, Mexico: On the meeting point of Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortes at the south most tip of world’s largest peninsula, Baja California Peninsula, in Mexico, there exists Mexico’s most exclusive tropical travel destination which is known as The Capes at Los Cabos. Los Cabos in Mexico resound like mission towns of 18th century till now through its picturesque views. Golden beaches stretching to miles all around, rocky peaks of Sierra de la Laguna and the tranquil environment of the ocean are enough to keep your eyes spellbound. You can find enough options to stay at this fascinating tropical destination to enjoy it pleasingly. You can enjoy limitless possibilities on these sandy beaches like sun bathing, golfing, exploring rocks, sailing etc.

Maui, Hawaii: The diversity of existence of soothing effect alongwith strange dazzling ability are the main attraction of Maui which made it so much popular among the admirers of tropical travel destinations. Maui, the second largestisland ofHawaii, contains long sandy beaches all around its periphery alongwith spectacular rocky cliffs and forests on its small piece of dry lands. Maui is considered as the most beautiful and exclusiveisland ofHawaii due to its spectacular Hana’s old plantation to Upcountry lifestyle. You can find a number of accommodations here to accommodate every visitor from all over the world irrespective of their standard.

Fiji, South Pacific: Fiji, the collection of 333 islands in the warm waters of South Pacific Ocean, is one of the best tropical travel destinations of the world that can be visited this vacation season. The mornings present a peaceful and lonely environment wherever you go onFiji islands and the evenings present clammy hot spots on its beaches which madeFiji an excellent choice for world’s movers and shakers. This is the perfect destination to accommodate the tourist admiring a variety of environments including peace and calm to attractions and excitements. English, being the spoken language inFiji, makes it easy for the tourists from all over the world to enjoy their vacations here. You can find all types of accommodations ranging from luxury resorts to affordable hotels to stay on these islands.

Bora Bora, Tahiti: Till 1961, the wide spread French Polynesia on the South Pacific regions of Tahiti, Bora Bora was known for its volcano, spotted with hibiscus and coconut plantations. But now it has taken a shape of world’s best tropical travel destination due to its lush green volcanic peaks and picturesque landscapes to attract the tourist to this small island just 260 km away fromTahiti on its northwest. Crystal clear emerald green lagoons and beautiful tropical gardens are among the attractions ofBora Bora. The legendary islands ofMountOtemanu have enough potential to invite you this summer vacation to visit this small island.

Barbuda, Caribbean: Barbuda, a small island situated just 26 miles north of Antigua, its Caribbean sister island, is a true tropical travel destination that has proved to be the best to keep you away from the crowds of routine life. It is inhabited mainly be the birds which make an exclusive attraction for this island through their swooping flies across the skies with their wide spread wings. Striking frigates and wilderness of wild life are other attractions onBarbuda.

Thus, if you like to enjoy sun and nature then these top 5 tropical travel destinations are the perfect choice for you for this vacation season. Go ahead and enjoy good time.

Article By Connie Tompkins | Group Travel Planners

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